About Us

Pete Magee is the Executive Director of the San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority (SLV GIS).

Pete received his Ph.D. in Geology from Oxford University (U.K.) in 1989. Arriving in the San Luis Valley in 1990, Pete began teaching at Adams State College in the Department of Geology & Environmental Science. During his tenure at ASC, Pete implemented GIS curriculum and began to stimulate interest within the county governments to utilize GIS. Pete has been the Director of SLV GIS since 1997.

Under Pete’s guidance, SLV GIS has created a seamless parcel layer across 8,000+ square miles, working with the six counties. Similarly, Pete’s expertise has enabled SLV GIS to developed a robust addressing scheme throughout the same region for the regional dispatch. Rural areas present a unique challenge in addressing, especially when you multiply that by six! Special districts, weed mapping, irrigation structure inventory/mapping, wildfire protection plans, and trail design are just a handful of the projects that SLV GIS has been involved as well as maintaining a central spatial data warehouse for the San Luis Valley. It’s no wonder that federal, state, county and private representatives consider SLV GIS as the center of the universe.

Dr. Magee is currently the President of GIS Colorado, a statewide organization of GIS managers and users, is currently serving on the Colorado Geospatial Information Advisory Council and on the Colorado NG 9-1-1 Steering Committee. Dr. Magee served as the Emergency Manager for Alamosa County for six years (San Luis Valley Emergency Manager of the year, 2009), chaired the San Luis Valley All Hazards Region for six years, and served on the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Grant Review Committee for three years.

Contact Information: Pete Magee, San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority, 6820 S. Hwy 17, Alamosa, CO 81101, Phone 719-587-0286, FAX 719-587-0264, pete.magee@intlsi.com